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PHONEMIC AWARENESS and FLUENCY:   The ability to decode new words and their meanings using beginning, intermediate,  and advanced levels of phonics.

VOCABULARY:   Recognizing & understanding words and their meanings.

COMPREHENSION:  Understanding what is read on both a literal and critical thinking level. Students work on applying the skills learned in all types of reading materials.

 We use a multiple reading approach which enhances comprehension, recall, and retention while improving reading rate.



BASIC WRITING SKILLS:  Handwriting, spelling, language mechanics,  and grammar.

COMPOSITION:  Writing sentences, paragraphs, essays.

APPLICATION:  Expository and creative writing, editing, use of a multiple writing  process including report writing.

Students work on the premise that the purpose of writing is to communicate clearly and effectively on a topic with an intended audience.



EFFICIENT READING:  Goal is to double present reading rate and increase comprehension.

RETENTION:  Understand and practice both short and long term recall methods.

CONCENTRATION:  Techniques to help focus attention.

NOTE-TAKING:  Systematic skills cut down on time spent taking notes and also organize material for remembering.

ORGANIZATION and TIME MANAGEMENT:  Utilize a planner, organize binders & folders, set up short and long-term study goals, plan ahead for tests, projects, and reports.

Students are encouraged to become proficient, self-directed learners; they are taught "how to learn."



PSAT, SAT, SSAT, GED   and other tests  (inquire within)

TEST-TAKING TECHNIQUES: Practice in sections of actual tests to gain the advantage of understanding test format, to diagnose strengths and weaknesses, to apply effective use of time management and become test wise.

ACADEMIC TUTORING & ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS:  Homework support in most subject areas with preparation for quizzes and tests. Accelerated curriculum for students who have successfully mastered grade level requirements. Homeschooling assistance also available.

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