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Math programs assist students with current school work as well as reviewing and re-teaching weak skill areas. The language of math is emphasized, and Common Core Integrated Math is offered.  


NUMBER CONCEPTS  Recognizing and writing numbers 0-1,000, numeration, skip counting, place value through billions and rounding.

ADDITION and SUBTRACTION  Concepts, facts, computation and problem solving.

MULTIPLICATION and DIVISION  Concepts, facts, computation and problem solving.

FRACTIONS  Concepts, operations, equivalent fractions, common denominators, reducing, improper fractions, mixed numbers and problem solving.

DECIMALS   Concepts, place value, operations and problem solving.

PERCENTS   Concepts, strategies and problem solving.

RATIO and PROPORTION   Concepts and problem solving.

MEASUREMENT and GEOMETRICS Time, money, std measurement, metrics, patterns, polygons, perimeter, area, volume, angles, similar figures, transformations.

DATA and GRAPHS   Creating and interpreting graphs, measures of central tendency.



PRE-ALGEBRA  Variable expressions, solving equations and inequalities, coordinate graphs, functions, integers, absolute values, exponents and roots, properties, scientific notation, rational numbers,  polynomials, probability and statistics.

ALGEBRA, GEOMETRY, ALGEBRA II are also available.



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